Dosirak with beans


This Dosirak is quite heavy on the vegetables, including 2 types of (soy)beans.

You might not be able to see it clearly, but the little green container in the top contains Kongjaban, Korean sweet black beans. Konjaban are very popular to serve as a side dish with rice, and it’s easy to make. I tend to buy it ready made as it will keep quite well in the fridge so it’s a handy stand by.  I just love the slightly salty/sweet taste. If you would like to make it, you can find a recipe here.

The other beans are cooked edamame, I used these to decorate the rice and tucked some more in with the Danmuji (Korean pickled radish). The other vegetables are cauliflower, carrot batons and a Quick Korean Cucumber Kimchi. For the Kimchi, I used this recipe of blogger Life is Short, Eat Sweet. It’s very easy to follow, but I have to confess I didn’t have any Korean or pickling cucumbers and was too lazy to go the supermarket, so I used a normal English cucumber…I only made a small portion, will have to make it again with the proper ones!

The meat element in this Dosirak are some sweet chicken wings. I didn’t follow a specific recipe, just made a marinade from soy sauce/honey and some other bits and pieces. It’s a bit sticky, so lemon wipes are very useful. I actually ate this Dosirak at home, so no problem eating it, but I made some more chicken pieces to pack in future lunches.

The box I used is the Nagabako Mokume (from Bento & Co). It’s a long, slim box and can be used as a single  tier or a double tier. Each tier has an inner lid and there is one divider. It also comes with matching chopsticks, which fit in the lid and there is a very useful chop stick rest. A really practical and beautiful box.

Please note I have not been asked/paid to review this box, the above is my personal opinion.


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