Minion Bento

Minion Bento with eggsheet


I thought it was time to try and create another character Bento, so made some Minions!

Although I like making character Bento, I am not very good at them, mainly because I don’t really have the patience for cutting out all the tiny details. But I do think they are recognizable, don’t you think so?

The minions are made out of egg sheet and the details are cut out of nori. For some reason, the egg sheet kept curling up and the nori details kept moving around, but in the end I finally managed to sort of stick it all together…I do actually think they look quite cute ย ^-^

The Bento is completed with some roast chicken pieces (left over from dinner), broccoli and cauliflower and some carrot flowers. I added a small bottle of soy sauce before I closed the lid.

I hope you like my Minions Bento!




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