Salmon Dosirakbento

Salmon Dosirakbento


This Dosirakbento has again plenty of vegetables & fruit in it. I really like the bright green colours, it makes it all look a bit extra cheerful and somehow it also feels like a more “lighter” lunch.

It has some very simple components, but I like arranging it as attractive as possible without making onigiri or flowery shapes.

So, on the left hand side is some rice, topped with purple broccoli, a slice of salted salmon and some peas (I actually used some that were in the mangetout). In the middle some romanesco cauliflower, mange touts, haemul panjeon (Korean seafood pancake) and soy sauce. Some fruit, a rice cracker and a small chocolate to finish it.

I used my lock & lock Bento box, these are very practical. I often use the individual containers for freezing portions of rice because they are freeze & micro safe. They also pack very neatly in a bento bag and come with some chopsticks in a small case.


Sometimes I wonder whether my lunches are getting boring, because I feel like I’m using the same type ingredients over and over again (especially lots of salmon & broccoli).

It doesn’t help that I’m not always posting on the same day as I made the lunch. Usually I try to make a photo immediately after making & write up the post as soon as possible, but I don’t always have the time and  can end up writing multiple posts and scheduling them for later. Some lunches don’t end up on the blog at all, mainly because they are boring (bread & cheese) or repetitive (more salmon) or just because I forgot to take a picture!

Anyway, I do try to vary ingredients and also the type of lunches I make, ie bento or a dosirak. Plus, I think that the above lunch is again a good example that making an attractive, healthy lunch can be quite simple and doesn’t have to take that much time (about 15 minutes this time). 






3 thoughts on “Salmon Dosirakbento

  1. This lunch looks so tasty and healthy! You are right, the way you arrange the food makes a big difference – this one certainly looks lovely! I think most people can be a bit repetitive with their meals, and why not – if you enjoy certain foods then you want to eat them often!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

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