Sushi bowl

Recently, when looking at other blogs, I have seen quite a lot of sushi bowls featured. Just looking at them (for example here or here) already made me hungry, so this time I thought, I will make one myself….



On a layer of rice (lightly seasoned with some sushi vinegar) I arranged some julienne carrot (mainly for the colour & crunch), crab sticks, cooked prawns (I don’t really like the raw prawns), avocado, raw salmon slices and some cress.

In little bowls on the side some soy sauce, gari and wasabi.

Unfortunately the avocado was not yet ripe enough…but despite that, it still tasted very good!

Please note, because this sushi bowl contains raw fish, I made this for a lunch at home instead of work. 



4 thoughts on “Sushi bowl

  1. This looks really lovely! I’m not sure I’m adventurous enough to try the raw salmon (I LOVE salmon cooked though!) but you make it look very appetising!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

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