Yubu Chobap Dosirak

Yubu Chobap is the Korean version of Inarizushi, basically (seasoned) rice in a fried tofu skin bag. The tofu is cooked in a sweet soy sauce so taste sweet rather than fried.




You can buy the tofu bags ready made, they usually come vacuum packed, and with some sauce or seasoning. This was the first time that I used them, and I wasn’t quite sure which one to buy, there were a lot of different packages in the Korean supermarket and no clear English instructions…In the end I bought the ones with a lemon sauce, but I actually didn’t use the sauce at all.

Aside from the sauce, the tofu bags came with a little bag of seasoning, a mixture of dried vegetables I think and sesame seeds. So I mixed this into some cooked rice and carefully filled the tofu bags with this mixture. The little filled bags kept falling sideways, so I made 5 as they would fit snuggly into the container.

There are quite a lot of other dishes in this Dosirakbento, and I had underestimated how filling the Yubu Chobap were going to be. I couldn’t finish my lunch!

From left to right:

Melon stars and pineapple pieces, tomato, danmuji, raw julienned courgette, radish kimchi and pork bulgogi. Some cress and nori decoration.

I am quite lucky that the Korean supermarket has a lot of freshly made dishes. They normally have at least 4 different variations of kimchi, the one I bought is made with Korean radish. The bulgogi is also already marinated, it just needs a few minutes grilling (or frying). Because of the strong flavour of the marinade, this Bulgogi still taste pretty good when cold.

This Dosirakbento had quite an interesting mixture of flavours with the fiery kimchi, the sweet/spicy bulgogi, the pickled danmuji and the sweet Yubu Chobap!



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