Little girl Bento

Last weekend we had some friends over for a small party, including one little girl and 3 small boys (all about 3-4 yrs old).

Well, the little girl soon had all the boys running after her, copying her (when she ran, they ran, when she jumped, they jumped etc),ย asking for hugs and in general acting like, well like how boys act when there is a pretty girl around ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought it would be nice to create a bento with a little girl!


The girl is wearing a pink dress, made from the pink part of crab sticks. The arms are made from the white part, they look very white actually, almost like she’s wearing very long gloves! Initially I wanted to colour some rice slightly pink to make the face (and arms) but I didn’t have any right ingredients for doing that, so I arranged the nori face details directly onto the layer of rice.

The hair, including 2 long braids (we all had to admire her braids) are also made out of nori and have carrot and crab stick decoration. The dress is decorated with some carrot and courgette flowers.

I wanted to include 3 smallย boys but there wasn’t enough space in the box, so I only made one with a quail egg & nori hair/face details. He’s looking from a distance admiring her (hmm, he actually looks a little bit cross eyed… must be her beauty that dazzles him ^-*.. .) whilst she is just smiling prettily…

Some broccoli to add colour and vegetables, and in the little round container some more broccoli, tamago and melon flowers.

It took quite some time to make this little girl, but she turned out quite pretty don’t you think? I know her mum is reading this blog, so I hope she will like it as well….




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