5 a day Bento?

Last month there was a lot of media attention here in the UK about upping our veg & fruit intake to 7 a day instead of the recommended 5 a day.

We were talking about this at work, and it is actually quite hard work to get those 7 portions….

I normally eat some fruit for breakfast or during the morning (so that’s 1), at least 2 portions with dinner in the evening (makes 3) and about 2 portions during lunch, which makes 5 in total.

It depends a bit of course on what a “portion size” is. For example, I can snack a lot on cherry tomatoes, but how many are in a portion, 2?3?4?

Anyway, I do think that this Bento definitely added to my 5 (or 7) portions today:




On the left: some miso marinated chicken, cucumber pieces and rice. On the right: cherry tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and carrots. Some seaweed to snack and gochujang in the container to dip the vegetables in.


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