Cat Bento



I have been wanting to make another cat bento again after my first attempt (see here).

This morning I was mixing rice with salmon furikake and thought, hmm, that colour sort of looks like a patchy cat….

So, todays cat is sitting on a bed of wilted spinach, with some broccoli at its feet. The face details are made with nori. I did not have a cat sauce bottle, so choose the little lion.  Also in this bento are broccoli, cherry tomatoes (with nori cats), some green beans and two pieces of tamago.

Forming the cat shape took some time, but in total it still took less than half an hour because rice, tamago and furikake were all premade and frozen.


I have now linked this Bento up with BOTW 134: nursery rhyme, as this Bento could fit the nursery rhyme “Pussy Cat Pussy Cat” (the cat has been in London ^*^…but I should have added a mouse… )


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