Bunny bowl Bento

I thought this Bento bowl is very cute for Easter!


The bowl (called WanWan with Sanpo Usagi design from Bento & Co) is very prettily decorated with bunnies, both dancing around the lower bowl, as well as on top of the lid.

It comes in 3 parts:

I filled the bottom bowl with some egg fried rice, there is finely shredded leek & carrots, some edamame, egg and crab in it. As decoration I punched a few nori rabbits.

The middle part (which has an inner lid) is filled with some salad leaves, cucumber and carrot flowers and a few more nori rabbits. The small (rabbit decorated) container has some Gochujang in it to add to the rice.

The last bowl is not filled, this acts as a lid (a bento band holds it all together), but can be used as a soup bowl. I have added a packet of miso soup to go with my lunch.

Although the Bento seems quite small, it actually packs quite a lot of food. And I love the way it fits all together.

Even though the ingredients are not very Easter themed (no bunny onigiri this time…), I think it still looks very much like Easter because of all the rabbit decorations.

Please note that I have not been asked/paid to review this Bento, the above is my personal opinion.


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