10 Minute Bento



A Bento made in 10 minutes!

I wanted to show a lunch that is a bit more simpler in execution (ie no shaped onigiri etc) and quick to make, but that still looks attractive.

This Bento literally took 10 minutes. Mainly because most of the ingredients are premade & frozen. I know that some people prefer the Tamagoyaki freshly ย made (because it can turn a bit rubbery when frozen/reheated) but so far I never had any trouble with mine. It still tastes great, though I do make sure that I never leave it very long in the freezer & I wrap it in freezer clingfilm whilst still cooling down to keep it moist.

So 10 minutes:

  • Min 1-2: take out all ingredients from fridge/freezer, get ready lunch box, cutting board, knife, micro steamer
  • Min 3-6: cut broccoli, put in micro steamer with edamame, microwave together with frozen rice and tamagoyaki. I microwave in short bursts of 1 minute each so I can take out the items when ready, stir the rice once etc.
  • Min 4-7: meanwhile I wash spinach leaves & cherry tomato, cut cucumber & chop half a spring onion finely
  • Min 8-9: mix up the rice with spring onion and (frozen) salmon furikake. The hot rice will defrost the furikake. Put in container.
  • Min 9-10: arrange remaining ingredients to container. Add some cress, food picks & soy sauce
  • Ready!
  • It just needs cooling down before I put the lid on. I also packed a packet of seaweed snacks, these are great because they keep crisp & I can either use it to wrap some rice or Tamagayoki or just eat is as a crisp on its own.

I used this recipe from JustBento for the Salmon furikake, and freeze it in small portions, or keep some in the fridge ready for use. If you have a little more time & prefer to have your Tamagoyaki freshly made, Just Bento also has a great recipe for an 1 egg Tamagoyaki

So what do you think? Quick, looks attractive and healthy! Plus it was very nice….

(Next time I will have to remember though that for the picture it looks actually better if turn around oneย of the containers, so thatย not all the green ingredients bit are at the same side)


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