Big Van Bento


This Bento was made because I got so annoyed by a white van driver!

I don’t know what it is, but in the UK white van drivers don’t have a very good reputation. They are known for speeding, risky overtaking and especially tailgating! When I was driving back from the supermarket, along a 30 mph road, this white van came up behind me and was clearly not pleased that I was adhering to the speed limit.  Actually, I was driving slightly faster than 30 mph (really only a tiny bit…), but still not fast enough, because he kept very close to me & I could literary see nothing else in my back view mirror than this white van with a rudely gesturing man in it.  As soon as possible (well, according to his view) he overtook me and speeded away.

So, I made a white van (shaped from rice), with the fictitious company name “BIG” on it. I choose an elephant food pick for the driver, to emphasize the big driver against little me, represented by a rabbit in the egg car. Decoration is made with egg sheet, nori and carrots. Although my real life car isn’t light red/pink :-), I wanted to have the car stand out a bit from the rest and make it a different colour than the white van. So after using the car egg mould, I soaked the egg in some water with red food colouring.

The road is made from pickled mackerel, the  grey skin is supposed to be the grey road surface.  Some broccoli trees, and in the little insert some more veggies & a little bottle of sauce.

Although I am still annoyed by that van driver, I am quite happy that it gave me an idea for a bento.


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