Nori cups experiment…..

I saw these nori cups and immediately thought, I want those!

Problem….you can’t buy them in the UK….so why not try to make some myself…it’s basically a piece of nori shaped into a cup isn’t it?

My experience with nori so far had taught me that it becomes pliable when wet, so I just needed some sort of form to shape it with, and a silicon cupcake form seemed ideal. After all that was the kind of shape I was aiming for!

So I cut a square out of nori, wetted 2 silicon cupcake forms (one on the inside & the other on the outside) and sort of slowly pressed the nori into it. I cut of the corners to make it more round & then removed one of the forms.


I than had to dry it, so it went into a low oven for about 5 minute until the nori had crisped up again. Finally, I very carefully, peeled off the dried nori cup from the remaining form & tadaa!!


Ok, not nearly as smooth and pretty as the original ones, but it’s a cup (well..sort of…) & it’s made from nori….

Now with some simple onigiri in it:


The onigiri are made with some chopped up spring onion & egg (whenever I make an egg sheet to cut shapes out, I chop up the left over bits & freeze those as a sort of egg furikake).

Will I do this again?

Well, it was fun experimenting but it’s too much hard work.Also, the irony is of course that the nori cups will get soft again once they are in contact with the rice, so not that suitable for packing for lunches.

(But I still would buy the original ones if I could just find a shop in the UK that would stock them…)






19 thoughts on “Nori cups experiment…..

  1. That is such a great idea! My husband is Japanese and when we lived in Rome we were able to get nori and other Japanese products in the famous Korean Market on Via Cavour, but in Sicily, especially here in Trapani, we don’t get Japanese food. We have lots of fish though:)

    • Thank you! It was fun experimenting but not sure if I would do it again…
      I am quite fortunate that it is easy to get Japanese/Korean ingredients in London. Understanding the labels is another thing though..Luckily there are lots of blogs with great recipes (and help on the ingredients) out there. I have also noticed that since starting making these Japanese/Korean lunches we are eating a lot more fish!

  2. If you try this again… When you fill the cups, what about brushing an oil on the inside before filling, to keep the nori from going soft so quickly? I think the cups are very charming with being a little rough; they have personality!

    • Ehh..not quite sure how to respond. I do assume you know they are for eating…? Do you????

      I still don’t understand why this is one of my most viewed post. Can somebody please explain if there is some obscure hidden meaning / use for nori cups that I’m unaware off? Or is this something I should remain blissfully UNaware off πŸ˜‰

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