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Liebster awardOdin from An Octopus drinks tea has very kindly nominated my blog with an Liebster Award, see her blog post, thank you so much!

This award is given by bloggers to other bloggers, mainly to new(er) bloggers, and follows similar principles as a chain letter. By accepting this award & following the rules, including nominating other bloggers, in a “pay it forward” chain, new bloggers are discovered and also sort of welcomed in Blogland!

Bloggers don’t have to accept this Award, but it is a nice way to receive appreciation from other bloggers and in your turn, to pass on your appreciation to others.

So yes, of course, I am very happy to accept this award (thanks again Odin!) especially because Odin has kindly bended the rules that come with this award. The original rules involve answering  lots of questions & thinking up lots of new questions etc etc., but Odin has just one question for her nominated bloggers:

“What would you do with your life if money was no object?”

To be honest, I don’t think I would change much in my current life.  I never believed that money made you happier, it’s just more convenient! I would probably buy a lot more bento boxes though…and a bigger kitchen to stock it all….

And maybe I would to take a year off to travel around the world, but very slowly, from one country to the other, sampling all the food.

My Liebster Award Bento is inspired by the German origin of the word Liebster, and specific the Liebe part in it. So lots of hearts in my Bento:


Heart shaped onigiri filled with spicy salmon (a mix of tinned salmon with soy sauce and wasabi). I am not totally happy with these, they are a bit too large. I don’t have a heart onigiri shape, so used one of my triangle forms as basis and shaped the heart by hand. Also in the bento are various heart shaped vegetables (radish, courgette, carrot), a heart cherry tomato and 2 prawns shaped together as a heart and strawberries. Some broccoli and raw spinach leaves tucked in corners.

And here are my nominated bloggers:(most of the blogs I follow are well established/have huge amounts of followers/are not so newbies, so I choose the ones that are “relatively new”)

It is not compulsory to accept the award but I hope you do and that you pass it on, as it’s a great way to spread the (Bento)bloglove…

If you accept, please answer the following questions (of course you can give it your personal twist):

  1. What is your favourite Bento ingredient and why?
  2. What is the first thing that you cooked?
  3. Have you ever had an embarrassing food moment?
  4. What makes you smile?

Because Odin made it so easy for me with only one question, and because I’m asking more questions, I think it’s only fair if I answer my own questions as well…

  1. Rice is absolute my favourite ingredient. It’s versatile, can be shaped in all kind of things and I just love eating it.
  2. I can’t recall the first proper meal that I cooked, but I remember helping my mum with making apple pie. I had to stand on a stool to reach the counter and I would roll out the dough strips to put on top of the apple filling. I always ate some of the dough raw…it tasted so good!
  3. When I cooked the first meal for my OH, I wanted to impress him with some fancy duck breast. Unfortunately I managed to cut myself halfway through cooking, bleeding profusely all over the pan…He still ate it (after I had taken the meat out of the pan, rinsed it, cleaned pan, and continued frying it)
  4. Flood & flowers!


Update: I have now submitted this Bento to the Bento Blog Network as this week’s theme is peace & I think that Liebe & Peace go nicely together…

3 thoughts on “Liebster Award Bento

  1. the bento is so sweet! i love how you did it, and it’s wonderful that you accepted the Liebster award in your own way and created a themed bento (: your little stories are great too!

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