A bibimbap inspired Dosirak


Bibimbap is one of my favourite Korean dishes. The name literally means mixed rice, the warm rice (bap) is served with several dishes on top, like sauteed vegetables and mushroom or beef (slices or mince). A fried or raw egg is also added plus Gochujang, a red pepper paste to mix it all together (bibim: mix)

I know that  normally a Bibimbap is served in a round bowl, or even better, in a Dolsot, a special stone bowl that gets heated & coated with some sesame oil. The raw egg will cook in the bowl once you mix everything and the rice will develop a lovely crust.

My Dosirak is Bibimbap inspired, because I don’t have a Dolsot and had to make do with the available ingredients at home.

So, the container on the left has the rice, there is quite a lot of it, about 1.5 (Japanese) cup cooked. Half of it is topped with some beef mince (can’t remember the recipe, but made in advance and frozen in portions). Also a fried quail egg and some cucumber decoration. Bibimbap is best eaten hot, so this compartment can be taken out and put in the microwave for a few minutes. If you prepare this in advance, please take care that the egg yolk is properly cooked through to avoid any health risks.

The container on the right top has 2 traditional Bibimbap toppings: some sauteed carrot & some radish salad. I added the cress as division and to add colour. The last compartment is just more veggies, mainly because I didn’t have any other Bibimbap type vegetables and wanted to add some more healthy stuff to counterbalance the huge amount of rice. Also tucked in the corner is some of the Gochujang.

There are many recipes  and tutorials online available for Bibimbap (with some variations) so this time I have not included any links. If you have not tried this dish before, do google it & try out, or even better, find a restaurant that serves Dolsot Bibimbap!

Btw, this is a very simple Lock &  Lock/Clip & Close type container. Not specifically meant for Bento/Dosirak, but it has some very useful inserts and can be put in the microwave & dishwasher. It is also airtight and leak proof. I think it was less then £10 and should be fairly easily available in shops in the UK. Unfortunately can’t remember where I bought it. 

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