Flowering Mimosa Bento


A flowering Mimosa inspired Bento.

A few weeks ago, on my way to the way to the bus stop, my attention got drawn to this glorious yellow bush/tree. I recognised it as mimosa, and I think it only flowers for a short period during Spring. The yellow “blossom bunches” are made up of tiny fluffy flowers and it has a quite specific, sweet scent.

I took a picture because I thought it would make a nice Bento challenge.  This is the picture I took:


& on top of the page, my recreation. So, do you think it is a likeness?

I used the Shikiri Bento (bought at Bento & co), more details can be found here.  I choose this box because it has two very practical 3 compartment insets, but also a divider, so it is a very flexible bento to use. The lid has a compartment for a pair of chopsticks (included).

For this bento I only used 1 of the inserts and filled it with carrot/broccoli (plus  sesame seeds), cherry tomatoes with cucumber butterflies, some miso marinated chicken and soy sauce.

The right hand side holds the rice, as a basis for my mimosa. I could have left out the divider but found it quite useful to pack the rice more tightly. (I did wrap some clingfilm around the divider because I am not sure whether the food colouring will stain it.)

Because it is rather a large box, the rice layer is quite thin, about 1 (Japanese) cup. I coloured a small portion of the rice blue for the sky (only a small portion as I am still struggling to eat blue rice…).  The mimosa is made from an egg sheet, I used a variation of small flower cutters (the Deco Ben Kit, also from Bento & Co) to cut the mimosa flowers. Initially I wanted to use only the tiny shapes, but that would have taken far too long, so I cheated a bit with some larger flower shapes below with the tiny ones arranged on top.  Some nori for the darker parts, and a few green leaves/stalks for the bush.

Please note that I have not been asked/or paid to review this box/product, the above is my personal opinion. 


6 thoughts on “Flowering Mimosa Bento

  1. Oh I love this! You’re very talented at these! I’ve been getting more and more lazy at mine and here you are getting more and more inventive. Very nicely done.

    • Thanks!
      Not all of my lunches are like these. Sometimes I just don’t have the time. I will post some of those as well, it’s just that I have less to write about them.

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