A shop bought Dosirak!

Yes, I know….shop bought…not home made.

But I passed Kimchee-to-go today and as I hadn’t brought a lunch with me, thought, why not give it a try.

Kimchee-to-go is part of the Kimchee chain. I have been in their restaurant (Holborn) a few times, when they just opened about 2/3 years ago but not recently.

On the one hand, with their sleek trendy look & large menu choice they seem to offer a modern addition to the Korean restaurants in central London. And it’s great that Korean cuisine seems to gain more popularity (we will have to see whether the recent on BBC2 broadcasted Hairy Bikers Asian tour will add to this as well….).

But my experience was that the food was average and the service so-so, plus they charged for banchan (side dishes)! So, after my initial visits, I have  preferred other places, mainly in New Malden, where prices are also lower.

Anyway, I saw that Kimchi-to-go sells Dosirak, so choose the Spicy Chicken one to try out.

According to the label on the box:


I agree!

This is what was in my Dosirak:


Hmm, nutritious? Well balanced? Healthy?

The majority of the lunch is taken up by pieces of chicken in a gloopy sauce. Ok, there were some traces of carrot and cabbage(?) hidden underneath, but not to say a real presence of any vegetable.  The chicken was okayish, not really spicy let alone crunchy, but edible. The half of an soy sauce marinated egg was very rubbery. The 2 dumplings looked and were bland. The rice was a mix of sticky white rice, some brown rice thrown in, some red beans, some unidentifiable grains, and sesame seeds on top. Unfortunately it was also dried out.

So, verdict? For £6.99, I think I stick to my own home made Dosirak. They are a lot healthier,  better balanced in ingredients (and colour), cheaper and sure taste a lot better!

Lesson learned….


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