Today is one month since I started to blog about the lunches I make for myself. And although I initially started this blog as a diary to keep track of my creations, I have since been, well, kind of addicted to blogging and “dosirakbentoing….”

(Almost) the first thing I do when I wake up is opening my WordPress app to see what’s happening in blogland. Not only to see whether I have more likes, comments or followers, but also to see what others have been posting.

There are so many funny, inspiring, amazing blogs out there and I have been learning a lot by reading (and shamelessly copying ideas from) other Bento blogs. But not all blogs that I read are Bento (or food) related, I know that my blogroll shows mainly these kind of blogs, but I’ve been dipping in & out various other blogs as well, and follow some blogs elsewhere.

With my simple, 1 month old,  Dosirakbento blog, I sometimes feel very humble by the stories that other people share and comments made by their readers. But not humble enough to not enjoy blogging & receiving positive feedback :-). It’s great to get likes, receive comments and gain followers. I know I have only started, but this kind of interaction is very encouraging, so I hope to continue blogging for a long time.

Anyway, to mark my first anniversary, I thought to make a “Thanks Dosirak”: Thanks to all bloggers for your inspiration & thanks for those who read /follow my blog.


A special thanks goes to Harsh Reality /Opiniated Man, he was my first follower, and being new in Blogland I was a bit like, EEK, help, what do I do now! So, being a newbie and not yet knowing about blog courtesy, I totally ignored him and just started strutting my stuff.  It took some time to register that it would actually be polite to at least pay a return visit, so I started to read an post now and then, and now I’m hooked. Not only did he recently offer a platform for other bloggers to promote themselves (see here)  and offers guests the opportunity to post on his blog, his own posts are funny, and clever, sometimes challenging, or thought provoking, they can be touching and sad, but they all are very real and definitely opinionated. Plus  he offers some sound advice to beginning bloggers. Not so sure though about his so called random relationship advice…..

In the Dosirak some banchan (radish, carrot and broccoli side dishes), salmon and haemul panjeon (seafood pancake) plus rice & nori. The letters are made with eggsheet. Because this bento is not completely water tight, I wrap some clingfilm around the top compartment before putting the inner lid on. The banchan still have some liquid in it, and that way, I make sure it won’t leak all over my things when transporting. 


8 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. So good to find another newcomer, and welcome to the wonderful world of bento addiction! I just started making bentos in January, and like you, started blogging about them about a month ago. I look forward to exploring your site more fully – what I’ve seen so far looks sooo good!

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