Soup Blunch


Well, I have posts about Bento with Japanese food, Dosirak with Korean food & Dosirakbento with a combination of Korean/Japanese food. But today’s lunch is neither so I had to come up with a new name. It is still a lunch in a box though, so with a bit of thinking I came up with Blunch! (lunch in box, box lunch, blunch)

Will have to see whether this name sticks or not.


Anyway, today is a home made vegetable soup Blunch.

Some days I open the fridge and find loads and loads of veggies that scream at me “eat me” “eat me” because they really need to be used up, so making soup is a practical solution. Plus very good for Blunches as it can be made in advance & just needs reheating.

Depending on my mood, I might use the hand blender to puree it all  and make a very thick, filling soup, but that is more for cold & wet days (plus adding a dollop of cream….and crispy bacon bits….or grated cheese…or…you get the picture). This time I wanted to have a more lighter soup so just nicely chopped up the vegetables (leek, cauliflower, broccoli and carrot) and cooked them for only a short time. The small container holds some mini bread rolls. I quite often make bread & use a bit of dough for making these tiny rolls (about half/a third of a normal bread roll). I just pop them in the freezer, ready for whenever we want them. On further thought, I could of course have given this soup a Japanese or Korean twist by adding noodles instead of bread and changing some condiments I used while cooking…but too late now…Plus I now have the word Blunch..:-)

The box I am using is the lunch pot from Black + Blum. I had actually forgotten that I had this box as I haven’t used it for ages…but have now taken it out of it’s hidden corner and given it a place on my shelf with my other boxes.  The lunch box has 2 water tight compartments, I have used it to take yogurt & fruit with me &  it’s ideal for soup because it can go in the microwave. After use, the smaller compartment stacks into the larger one and it also comes with a spork and a sort of carrier strap. The spork is quite deep, eating soup with is is no problem at all, I haven’t yet tried using it as a fork though.

Please note that I am not asked/paid to review this product, the above is my personal opinion. 


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