Furoshiki & Bento belt


My new Furoshiki and Bento belts!

When looking at websites for bento boxes I have also been seeing something called Furoshiki.  Because I was curious to know more about this, I googled it and discovered a whole new world!

Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport gifts, clothes or other goods. The Korean equivalent is called a Bojaki (or pojagi). There is a lot of information about these cloths, including history, uses, dimensions and styles of wrapping/knotting, but you can read more on Wiki (here and here)

Make sure you also check out this amazing guide about how to use Furoshiki provided by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment!  More techniques on this website which also sells Furoshiki, books about the art of wrapping and Bento boxes….

Furoshiki (and Bojaki) are very practical when you bring your own lunch, not only can they be used to wrap & carry your lunchbox, but you can also use it as an picnic/table cloth or as a napkin.

Of course after all that reading I wanted to have a Furoshiki, so I was very happy to find this tutorial on the JustBento forum about making your own Furoshiki & Bento belt. Especially because I have 2 beautiful Bento boxes with a rather clashing bright red belt. (The larger box is the one I used for my sheep bento in yesterday’s post. Both boxes have 2  layers,  the top layer is slightly smaller than the bottom and has an inner lid.)

I happened to have a piece of fabric with a small flower pattern and some elastic so gave it a try.  The tutorial was easy to follow (especially if you are a basic sewer like me) and you can admire the result in the picture above (you can also see the original bright red bento belt).

This Furoshiki is about 45 cm square, and can be used for both bento boxes. I experimented with some wrapping techniques:

The basic carry wrap: Otsukai Tsutsumi



The hand carry wrap; Tesage Bukura (adding the chopsticks was my “bright” idea)


What do you think?

I will definitely be making more Furoshiki in future but need to look out for more suitable fabric.  If the material is thinner (this is cotton), it would be easier to make knots & the corners would be smoother. The elastic for my belts was a bit too wide, so I would also need to find some narrower elastic making the belt look a bit more elegant. But not a bad first attempt!

PS My apologies again for the quality of the pictures, I really have to work on this. Am still taking pictures with my phone but need to look into a) improving the picture quality or/and b)how to enhance/change/improve pictures after taking them. To be continued….

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