Baaa baa sheep


This bento box initially reminded me of a cloud, but when I started to think on how I could fill it, I thought of a sheep!

I have seen some pictures that use cauliflower (or rice) as the body but I wanted to try out something different.

I first filled the box with some rice. On top of the rice I put some very thinly sliced cucumber (at the top) and avocado (at the bottom). I sprinkled the avocado with some lemon juice to avoid discolouring. The sheep is made of little circles that I cut out of unrolled crab sticks. I used 2 piping nozzles in different sizes. Face and legs are cut out of nori, flowers are made from mini corn, pickled ginger and cucumber. Some cress to add some more grassy details.

It was fun making this one, but I was very hungry and too impatient to wait until the rice was fully cooled down, that’s why the nori is curling up so quickly!

The box I used has 2 layers, but it can be used as a single layer box as well. I forgot to make a picture of the lid, but will try to remember to do so next time I will be using this box.


9 thoughts on “Baaa baa sheep

    • You too txs for following.
      I unrolled the crab sticks, it becomes a sort of crabsheet with the red bit only at the beginning. So it’s easy to cut that off, I used some for the flowers but ate most of it while making the bento ๐Ÿ˜€

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