Bento Blog Network: please vote!

I’ve just joined up as a participant on the Bento Blog Network and linked my first contribution to their weekly themed Bentos.

This week’s theme is education, and as I had just made a World Book Day Bento, I thought that this fitted the theme quite well!  (I was not completely happy with my World Book Day Bento because it was rather a rush job, so I might submit another one if I can find the inspiration for it.)

But meanwhile, please have a look at the Bento Blog Network website, there are some amazing Bento Bloggers on it, and vote for the Bento you like most (” mine”  ^-^…)

You can find full instructions on how to vote here.

I have also joined  What’s for lunch Wednesday,  a weekly “What’s for lunch Wednesday” post,  where participants can link up their Bento. Again, some amazing other Bento bloggers out there, unfortunately not all in English so I can’t read their blog, but the pictures look still wonderful (for example this blog here). Do have a look! 


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