World Book Day!


Today it’s World Book Day

Hooray, I love reading!

But…I felt very uninspired making this Bento because I only realised early this morning that it was World Book Day so I didn’t really think about this in advance and I didn’t have much time.

Luckily I still had some coloured eggsheet in the freezer (I made 2 sheets, 1 red and 1 green some weeks ago & froze the remaining sheet in baking paper & clingfilm), so I grabbed those.With some nori and cooked rice (I almost always have precooked rice frozen as well) I created some books. The yellow divided bento box looks a bit like a bookcase when you place it on it’s side, so I put the books on the top shelves and made 2 small onigiri reading a book for the bottom shelf. Some carrot ABC letters (the C kept falling down….) to complete the look.

The other compartment has mixed veggies, fruit & a piece of salmon. It is not very clear on the picture, but I  used my World Flag theme baran dividers because it’s “World” Book Day.

I hope to remember this day next year a bit earlier, so I can think about a nicer design.


4 thoughts on “World Book Day!

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