Pancake Day!


Today it is  Pancake Day!

Well, it is actually Shrove Tuesday, a religious holiday, but in the UK this is more commonly known as Pancake Day, because of the tradition to eat pancakes on this day. Pancakes are a way of using up rich foods such as eggs, milk and sugar before the fasting season of Lent (source Wiki).

We just like pancakes :-)….

This time I did not make a bento (Japan: okonomiyaki) or a dosirak (Korean: jeon) version, but instead made 2 Western versions, a thin, crepe style, pancake and some American style fluffy pancakes. To be honest, I prefer the thin ones myself, but it was fun experimenting with the American thicker batter, because it’s easier to use for making funny shapes, little faces or letters. I also used a heart shaped cookie form to make little pancake hearts. The darker colour is batter with some added cocao/cocoa powder.

Traditionally, pancakes in the UK are eaten with lemon and castor sugar, but I love them with golden syrup! In the last few years we had the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday with friends. I would whip up huge batch of plain pancakes and we would eat these with various sweet toppings. But I would also save some batter & make special pancakes on demand, quite often savoury ones with bacon and cheese (lovely with some syrup on top as well), or small ones with apple and raisins.

Unfortunately, our friends have now moved too far away to join us today for Pancake Day, so now we will have to eat these all on our own….

Oh well…things can be worse I guess….. ;-P…mjom mjom…




4 thoughts on “Pancake Day!

  1. I’d never heard of Shrove Tuesday until today! And only thanks to the blogs I follow. I must admit I’m in the mood for pancakes now even though it’s already Ash Wednesday. Now, THAT, I do know about and I even ate a McDonalds Filet-o-Fish to mark the occasion lol.

    • Happy to have added to your knowledge…LOL.
      But yes, I agree, since I started blogging AND reading lots of other blogs, I’ve been learning a lot of interesting things.

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