Another dosirakbento, ie a mix of Korean and Japanese food.

The box in the front has again Korean radish salad in it (see also the lunch I made last Friday), some cherry tomatoes and a green onion cracker.

The box at the back has a layer of rice, I tried to cube it, but it doesn’t show up very clearly in the picture. I am making the pictures with my phone camera, and the lightning in my kitchen isn’t always great so I am struggling sometimes to make good pictures.

On top of the rice, on 1 side some Perilla furikake and on the other side Salmon furikake. I made the salmon furikake using this recipe from JustBento. The colour is slightly lighter in real life than in the picture. The Salmon furikake is made in advance, and frozen in little 2 portions tubs.

Because almost everything is made in advance, it only takes a few minutes to put together. I put the still frozen Salmon furikake on the hot rice, it helps to cool down the rice & the heat of the rice defrosts the furikake.

The lunchbox is bought at the Korean supermarket, I have noticed that they seem to stock more and more household products (H-mart), including some (cute) lunch boxes. This one is quite small, probably aimed for a child (also because of the design, it has Pororo the little penguin on it. Apparently this is a Korean children’s cartoon). I will have to see if I can make another dosirak based on this penguin….


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