Catty bento

A friend suggested that I should make a cat bento, so today I tried.

I know that there are lots of hello kitty rice moulds, but as I don’t have any, I had to improvise. So I googled for inspiration and found some examples, using an onigiri shape as the basis.

The mini onigiri forms the body, and the heads are shaped by hand, with some cling film. The ears decorations are cut out of pickled ginger, faces/whisks/catty decoration out of nori. I tried to give each cat a different design. On the side some salmon with cucumber/nori decorations.

This box is part of a 3 tier bento lunch box set but I only used 2 layers. The boxes hold 350 ml each (the box divided in compartments a little bit less) and I think they are a good size for a lunch. It also comes with a little padded bag and travel size chopsticks. It is from Lock & Lock (which incidentally is Korean, even so, they do call this a bento box…) and I use these quite a lot. Because not all my lunches are “in the cute category” I normally use the 2 compartments for main lunch items and the divided compartment for small snacks or fruit, but this time it worked out better to use the divided compartment.

Because there is quite a lot of rice in the first layer, I filled the second box with different toppings to eat with the rice. I happened to have all the ingredients for a “californian roll”, so you could say this is a sort of “deconstructed californian”.

It was quite fun making but it took a long time, especially the tiny nori details. Also, the nori gets a bit wet because it’s next to the rice/salmon, and it starts to wrinkle.

There is a little bit of soy sauce in the bottle, but I have to think how to add some wasabi. Perhaps next time I will add some wasabi between the “head” & the “body”.


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