Big dosirakbento


Today I decided to use my recently given bento gifts from Singapore. It is quite a large box, so I ended up making a dosirakbento because I used so many different dishes. Most of these were made in advance & frozen, so it actually did not take that much time to put together except for the radish salad which I made today.

Clockwise, from top right:

  1. First compartment has an Onigiri filled with salted salmon. I made a face using the new nori punch. Also some cherry tomatoes.
  2. Courgette pancake. I did not use a specific recipe, just added (drained) grated courgette to some Korean pancake mixture. The bigger pancake is cut in small pieces, and each piece is defrosted & crisped up in a non stick frying pan. Also some tamago. My tamago is quite dark because I use dark soy sauce. Some cucumber slices.
  3. Shime Saba: Japanese pickled mackerel. I like how the skin adds a different colour to the whole box. Some more cucumber slices and a few danmuji (Korean pickled radish) slices.
  4. Last compartment also has radish, but in the form of a Korean radish side salad  (Musangchae). I used this recipe from Maangchi. It is very easy to make, especially if you use a mandoline slicer. Luckily I live relatively close to a Korean supermarket and was able to get Korean radish but you can also use daikon instead. The salad keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days. Some cress decoration on top. And I tucked another small onigiri in the corner plus one of my new sauce bottles.

I tried to use “light” food dishes because there are so many of them! And I tried to stick to either “fishy” flavours and “egg” flavours, but all in different ways (fried, pickled, cooked etc).  Also, the chop sticks don’t really match with the box, but I wanted to use as many of the given items as possible.


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