Salmon & tamago bento lunch


This is a bento I made before I started this blog.

I think this bento is quite well balanced in ingredients. It has 2 onigiri, some salted salmon, tamago, fruit and plenty of veggies. There is also a rice cracker and a spring onion cracker. The little bottle has soy sauce and the container has Gochurang (Korean red pepper paste, great for dipping the veggies in).

It was also very quick to make, less than 5 minutes! The broccoli is steamed in the microwave for 2 minutes. The salmon and tamago were reheated (from frozen) and cooled down again while cutting carrot & tomato. Gathering everything together 2 minutes at most.

But, since making this bento, I’ve been reading and practising a lot more. So there are things I would change next time. For example,  the middle layer, it looks boring. Even just putting the salmon in the middle and adding something green would help. Also, cherry tomatoes instead of a normal tomato is easier to use, and of course cuter. Little things like that can make a big difference.

It didn’t help that the onigiri was made in advance and still frozen. It helps keeping the box cool (and has defrosted by lunch time) but I prefer freshly made (easier to tuck into a box + tastes better). Of course frozen rice is a great time saver, and I normally freeze it in portions which I can nuke in the micro. I just make sure that the rice is wrapped while still warm and cooled down quickly, that way it stays moist.

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