3 little chicks in a garden


Inspired by my new sauce bottles, one of which is a chicken, I decided to make some chicks in a garden.
This is actually a very easy bento to make, because it doesn’t take that much time, and you can add a lot of decoration by using food picks.

The 3 little chicks are made of hard boiled quail egg. They have carrot feet, beak and comb + nori eyes. The garden is made of cucumber slices (hidden below the other veggies, broccoli bushes, cherry tomatoes, cress grass, and carrot and yellow pickled radish flowers. The little chicken sauce bottle had some soy sauce in it.

The lunch box that I used has 2 compartments, I used the deeper one for the chicks in the garden & filled the other (not in picture) with some rice & grapes & a packed mini cracker.

Oh, and the little paper chicken food pick comes from Poundland, it was part of an Easter cupcake decoration set, 20 cupcake cases and 20 various food picks. The picks are made from plastic with a paper top, so can probably only be used once, but for 5p each….oh well…


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