Gifts from Singapore!


Our friends very kindly brought some lovely Bento things back for me from Singapore.

There is this beautiful bento box, it is red lacquered with a cute little girl in a kimono on the lid. It is quite a large box, but you can put a divider in it and there is also an useful inner lid. I can’t wait to use it. (Sorry for the crappy picture, the box is even nicer in better light)

They also gave me a cute pair of chopsticks, an ideal size for travel and it comes with it’s own little travel case. Plus a nori punch and some pretty animal sauce bottles. The sauce bottles come with a little dropper, which is very handy. It is sometimes tricky to fill a sauce bottle because the opening is so small, but with this little dropper it will be much easier.

I love all the bento stuff, and it is not always easy to find in the UK. It is relatively easy to find lunch boxes that can be used for Bento, some with or without dividers/compartments/cutlery and/or sauce pots. But all the kawaii stuff like sauce bottles, nori punchers, food picks and other cutey accessories are a bit more tricky, especially on the High Street. You will have to buy most of this online, CasaBento is a great shop for example. Oh!Bento has a very useful list with other suppliers.

My friends are now aware that I started to make dosirakbento and are keeping an eye out for me :-).

And of course, sometimes you just have to think “outside the box”, and be creative with what you can find easily (for example silicone cupcake moulds are great). Or make your own (Oh!Bento also has some great tutorials about making your own baran and food picks)


3 thoughts on “Gifts from Singapore!

    • I really liked your blog and went through all your old posts. Hope you will be making some new bento soon ๐Ÿ™‚
      Also think it’s good for “us UK Bento enthusiasts” “to stick together”, compared to all the amazing Asian & American bloggers out there, I feel like a complete amateur!

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