Explore! Rescue! Protect! The Octonauts


This bento is made for the daughter of friends. She is 3 years, and really likes the Octonauts.

I had to do some research as I didn’t know anything about this British television series. The Octonauts follows an underwater crew made up of eight adventurers who live in an undersea base, the Octopod, from where they go on undersea adventures with the help of a fleet of aquatic vehicles. The opening themes tune finishes with the chant “Explore! Rescue! Protect!” (Source Wiki).

This bento shows the three main characters (from left to right) Medic Peso the Penguin, Captain Barnacles the Polar Bear and Lieutenant Kwazii the Cat. They are made with onigiri, nori and carrot face details. Kwazii is made from rice mixed with cooked egg yolk.
I tried to make the hats out of blue egg sheet, but it was too thin & dry so in the end I mixed up some blue egg sheet with rice.
The Octonauts are wearing their diving helmet inside their blue (bento box) Octopod ^-^

In the bottom layer I tried to create an underwater landscape with blue eggsheet, plants from broccoli with carrot flowers and starfish. I also added some soy sauce in a rabbit bottle because another character is Engineer Tweak bunny.

Our friend’s little girl seemed to like the bento although she was slightly disappointed that there were only 3 characters……:-)


5 thoughts on “Explore! Rescue! Protect! The Octonauts

  1. So cute, I especially love the Medic Peso the Penguin riceball. Being new to the world of homemade kawaii bentos, I had never heard of egg sheets before and had to Google it. So interesting, I never realized that’s what so many people were using to make pictures in their bento.

    • Thanks, it was quite fun making them. But egg sheets are really tricky, I have not yet mastered how to make a proper one that is the right thickness, has an even colour, doesn’t tear that easily etc.

      I have only just started making dosirak/bento and am learning with each one. And although kawaii bentos are very cute, they are very time consuming. I am also making more ‘normal’ dosirak/bento that (hopefully) still look good & attractive, but can be made quicker.

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