Bunny bento

bunny made from onigiri bento

Today’s bento are 2 bunnies (maybe inspired by Valentine’s Day?). Basically they are onigiri, filled with salted salmon.

The bunnies were quite easy to make, aside from the ears, they were a bit fiddly because either too large or too thick or they just kept falling off. I did not have any proper rice colouring but used a bit of red cabbage juice to make the ears slightly pink.

The salmon I prepared yesterday and I froze most of it ready in portions for future bento. I used the recipe from Justbento (http://justbento.com/handbook/johbisai/how-make-salted-salmon-shiozake) which is basically my first to go to website for bento questions.

I gave the bunnies some carrots to eat and added some more assorted vegetables. I also managed to slice carrots very thin so that they would fit into my bunny punch!

I don’t know how other people experience this, but I had trouble eating the bunnies without getting my hands all sticky because of the rice. In the end, I just cut of some extra nori strips and wound them around the bunny’s body and ate it that way. This was actually quite good because it added some crispy nori texture (and taste) to the onigiri.


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